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Frequently Asked

Here are some frequently asked questions about drone light shows:

Drone light shows are choreographed using specialized software that controls the flight path, LED colors, and timing of each drone. The drones communicate wirelessly to ensure precise coordination during the performance.

Yes, drone light shows are designed with safety in mind. Our team follows strict safety protocols and conducts thorough risk assessments to ensure a safe and successful show.

Drone light shows are perfect for a variety of events including corporate gatherings, product launches, weddings, festivals, concerts, and public celebrations.

It’s recommended to book a drone light show 4 weeks  in advance to allow for adequate planning , preparation & obtaining Permits.

Drone light shows are more eco-friendly compared to traditional fireworks displays as they produce minimal noise and air pollution.

Absolutely! We offer customizations such as incorporating specific logos, messages, themes, and color schemes tailored to your event’s theme and objectives.

The main technical requirements include an outdoor venue with sufficient space for drone operations, clear weather conditions, and compliance with local aviation regulations.

Yes, drone light shows can be integrated with live music performances, fireworks, laser shows, and multimedia presentations to create a unique and memorable experience

The duration of a drone light show can vary based on the complexity, Wind speed,  Landing distance, and scope of the performance. Shows typically range from  10 minutes to around 15 minutes.

Yes, obtaining permits is typically required for drone light shows to ensure compliance with local aviation, Ministry of Defence regulations and safety protocols. Our team will assist you in securing the necessary permits and permissions for your event.

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Al Qusais, Dubai
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